A little about my pen name and what I am doing with it.

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Pen Names help separate the part of me that needs the day job and a paycheck from the naughty fun of writing fiction. Writing has been a challenge between my day job and dyslexia, but you cannot keep a good story down. I hope you enjoy the stories. If you do, tell everyone; if you don’t, tell me. In honor of some of my books becoming banned in parts of the world, look for discounted prices and print copies, including the eBook. So pass the word on the forbidden fruit.

Todd Myzia (artbymyz@aol.com) is the name of the artist who did most of the cover work as I do get asked about him.

Many things I write result from “no good deed goes unpunished.” It is often affordable therapy for resisting telling someone what I really think of them. If it seems my characters sometimes are a little harsh on their enemies, maybe I am just venting in a socially acceptable manner, or my gaming dice were just mean that day.

I am an eclectic science teacher and sometimes writer (who maintains all rights reserved for copyright), which might explain why I use an over-the-top Pen Name. Currently fighting with my dissertation committee over the doctorate which has slowed the writing down this last year. I have a couple in the works, but this time I tried a project that required working with others. Lets just say this did not speed up the process. A Pen Name gives the freedom to let the sometimes-disturbing aspects of a character or story go which every way (or the random dice roll) takes it. Yes, I have a couple of children who do not get to read the books until they are much older.

The author has; too little hair on top, rapidly heading to my toes, and too much waistline in the middle. Enough experience to get into trouble in things ranging from jewelry and leaded glass window making, military, law, and enforcement thereof, business and some finance (don’t ask me how to make money in the markets. If I was successful at it, I wouldn’t be worried about a pen name to keep my day job as a science teacher) and an endless curiously about all things science including things that are not studied but should have a good hard look.

Yes, global warming causing climate shift is real, so get over it and do something useful to help.

No, I don’t know if UFOs (UAP or the label of the day) are real or not, but maybe we should support the efforts of MUFON or some other legitimate scientific research; even if that comes back, they are not real, but what if they are, and then what are we going to do?

Yes, I am a serious Science Fiction Geek and do not wear Star Trek TOS Red Shirts just in case, and it makes the neighbors nervous.

Yes, Star Wars and Battle Star Galactica rock, and I will not take sides as to which of these shows or universes are better.

Yes, I want a TARDIS, but who doesn’t?

My good friend the late Jack Angry and I are trying to do something to help CThreeFoundation.org get the word out about a “cure” or, to be more precise, the addition of pharmacological treatment components of the physical aspects of alcoholism, also known as the Sinclair Method. The specifics of which you can view in Claudia Christian’s ‘one little pill’ documentary. In several of my books, you will find that when someone in the story has an issue with alcohol use, I put in a plug for the medically verified treatment of this addiction. I do not have any formal ties with her foundation other than I donated half of the book proceeds from Hospice Chaplain Confessions 1. Sadly, at this time it is not a best seller to make a big difference, but I still keep trying. We all have known some harmed by ineffective or lack of treatment and understanding, so here is my part to help the cause.

Amazon, so you can enjoy and lend them without losing your expensive copy.  Not that I am not grateful to smashwords.com, which distributes to many providers and allows me to give out reviewers copies.  I must say that I have enjoyed the support of Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, as well as others.  So whatever retailer is giving you great service, please feel free to find me there.  I must say smashwords.com and https://my.findawayvoices.com have been very supportive and helpful.  If you are a new author or heading into audiobooks, these are great resources that are FREE, polite, and easy to deal with.
Also, you can read the books for fun and enjoyment, and hidden in my stories are actual science facts and a mystery or two when I can. I always try to keep the elements of a good story, A little religion, a royal figure, a little sex (sometimes a lot), and a mystery. This makes the shortest story that meets these requirements being, “Good God, the Queen is pregnant, who is the father?”

Feel free to tell all your friends and acquaintances, as asking you to tell your enemies is a bit much.

If you have not signed up for the smiles program with Amazon, CThreeFoundation.org is one of the charitable groups that can get a donation every time you shop. Once again, a chance to do a good deed with other people’s money. If you didn’t know, about one out of every ten people will have a problem with alcohol usage at some point, and the current popular treatments have a 90% failure rate in the first year. Time to change that before anyone else loses friends and family.

If you are not too offended, feel free to contact me here or you can try ashnomdeplume@yahoo.com. Sorry if I am slow to get back to you as I still need my day job. I have a Facebook, Instagram, etc. accounts too, so try me there. Hopefully, I will make enough of a refund of expenditures to buy more coffee so I can write more stories to help out worthy causes. I do make every effort to keep the eBook price at a level of recovery of expenses and less an hour of minimum wage or a cup of designer coffee at [insert name of your favorite place here] chain or restaurant. I also like good tea, too though the purist out there will not like the amount of honey or whatever sweetener I find that day. If you like, I am sure that the people at CThreeFoundation will also just take a cash donation too.

If you need to contact me try ashnomdeplume@yahoo.com and give me a day or so as I don’t check mail while I write, drive, eat, work, etc. I am working on getting a mailing list widget installed, give me a couple of days.

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