June 10th, and 11th which is this Saturday and Sunday, The second in the Psionicist Guild books, and is a story that can stand on its own and is free on Amazon as an eBook. Open post for more. This is the new and hopefully improved version of my website under construction. Please sign up for the mailing list to announce new books. See the different menu items to find the book you want more information about. As always feel free to email me comments, or suggestions. If you love the books don’t forget to a rating at the place you obtained the copy. If you need to contact me try ashnomdeplume@yahoo.com and give me a day or so as I don’t check my mail while I write, drive, eat, work, etc.

The link is https://www.amazon.com/Psioncist-Guild-Rules-Magic-ebook/dp/B0C6NL34BX/ should take you directly to the free book. Many of my other books are on Kindle Unlimited which also gets you a copy to read at a great price. I am also keeping eBooks at 99 cents for the DallasCon weekend, just because.

I am working on getting a mailing list widget installed, give me a couple of days.

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