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Greetings and Salutations:

Welcome to my webpage to see what I have and look for deals. See my sample page for the current gimmes and give-a-ways.

Yes, I am newer to WordPress so this is likely to be rough. This is the new and hopefully improved version of my website under construction. Please sign up for the mailing list to announce new books. See the different menu items to find the book you want more information about. As always feel free to email me comments, or suggestions. If you love the books don’t forget to a rating at the place you obtained the copy, and Goodreads seems to cover a lot of things as the one stop shop. There is the old line, if you love it, tell everyone, if you hate it tell ONLY me. Yes, I love beta readers, and feedback, hate mail just to be hateful is not so welcome.

If you need to contact me try and give me a day or so as I don’t check my mail while I write, drive, eat, work, etc.

I am also keeping eBooks as low as I can get ways with as if one cost more than and hour at minimum wage, I get sticker shock, so I expect you do to.

Sign up for newsletters, free stuff and to stay in touch, and emails stay private. I host this on a reputable server that has it security together, and I doubt the Russian, Iranian, North Korean or whatever boogieman hacker group really has an interest in the data list of a my readers. I would also hope if they are clever enough to break web security systems they know I am too poor to pay attention and am on a rent to own plan for my own attention span. Any marketing emails from me, would be the looking for beta readers an offers of getting a discount. My politics stay mine so if you get any BS like that or looking for something other read or be kind to each other, it is a forgery, fake or whatever label of the day.

If there is some message I should know, here is a spot. I am not in the business of selling or distributing emails. This is so I can tell those who register about free stuff or upcoming books and events etc. Probably will not hear from me that often.