This book is for a Mature Audience or New Adult, parental advisory!

If you ever fantasized about moving things with your mind or getting a glimpse of the future? You are not alone. These are the leaked journals of Lee Günter O’Neil who discovers how to teach obtaining psychic abilities, during his efforts to deal with family rejection, a dead-end job, and the obesity accompanying depression. Read about his first year after he learns how to tap his potential as recorded in the files of Department 1793, as part of their training course. In these journals, you will also learn nothing comes without a price. Don’t forget to look for the complete collection of all 73 through the number is odd for the purloined journals, and a complete collection volume is also available.

For those who want a bit of back story on this, some of the locations are places I lived in the Omaha area, as I was in Nebraska for a lot of years before teaching overseas for ten years. In the book, there are many locations used, all of which I have walked on.  I find using locations that I have walked makes them more realistic, then this “fantasy” has a basis in someone’s reality. 

In the first

Publication prices are in flux, so your mileage may vary as I am trying to keep it out there as affordably as I can. As always the eBooks are about the same as the BIG designer coffee with all the whipped cream and calories that my waistline doesn’t need.

In this book, Lee is having a rough time, being fired right before Christmas, broke and desperate he tries his luck at what he hopes is not a figment of his imagination of some new skills. His reward is getting a little money, and someone trying to kill him in a mugging attempt. Now that he is a target, what does he do? Read for yourself and ask yourself if you were in a similar position what would you do?
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