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Samples and Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to score a free copy of some of my books the free code is below, as feedback is sought.  Now a kind word on ratings would also be appreciated, so if you like it, tell the world and post lots of stars or whatever the week’s symbol is.  On the other hand, if you don’t like it so much, let me know as maybe it can be fixed, and I would hate to make 12 parsecs mistake in my work. 

For Kindle readers who want these or other documents on their kindle here is a link to help you

Please feel free to post reviews and don’t forget Good Reads. The print copies are still at the standard prices as those are too expensive to give away for free. Also

If some technological gremlin keeps you from claiming a freebee from the distributor connected to the other end of the coupon, email me at, and we can try something else. The books for this offering are:

Grey Files: Shades of Grey Journal #1 (A whole lot of mysteries and puzzles to solve. 30 years of MIA unaged, and having to solve other mysteries to solve his own.)
The Adventures of Gordon Rogers: Episode 1 (When a internet search goes wrong, and the hero from the past to save the future, may not be what you ordered.)
The Psionicist Guild: Introductory Text 1 (The psychics unions intro textbook, my oldest work for those of you who like to study writing style development. It is set up as a textbook from 300 years in the future, with chapter review, glossary and footnotes. )
The Psionicist Guild 2: The Rules of Magic Volume 1, Journals 1-6
(Recollections of how one of first Psionicist figured it out on his own, Mature/Adult theme warning! Code JW85Q if the free setting doesn’t activate automatically)
Harvey (An A.I. story where it is the good guy, watching over a FAS child who has enemies his did not make. )
Dream Stealers: The Nocnista (Maybe the monsters in your dreams are not just in your head)

It is good through July 30th (subject to change as things happen, so share with your friends.)

Us the link, and I have it as a public coupon, but if that changes or doesn’t work, the coupon code is CB88J use it where it ask for money.