Flash Gordon (1934) and Buck Rogers (1929) have been staples of science fiction adventures for a long time. A millennium from now the future Empire needs a hero. Search terms today get the wrong website today. Would you believe they don’t get it right in the future?

Meet Gordon Rogers a retiring chemistry teacher heading to veteran’s home hospice, then relocated to the future, to save the Empire. Can the high school chemistry save the day?

“All search terms present, first data point found on historical meme recollections files. Priority is given to the hero, Captain Rogers, space explorer and defender of the earth. Flash Gordon’s record of defeating Emperor Ming the Merciless. Records show both careers were accomplished by the same person. Assumed skills at intelligence work and espionage are considered of additional bonus value, as able to conduct two careers in intelligence and combat using different cover identities. Also operated a school, and company and survived the Hollywood jungle, a real Tarzan. Would you like to see the full biography from Wikipedia historical record?” the computer showed.
“Computer! No, just bring the ruthless teacher from the IMA that enjoys the admiration of the Commandant General,” Price IX said.
“Temporal fragmentation of data suggests human verification is required,” the computer showed.
The next day…
“Captain Rogers? Or Clarence Linden Crabbe II? Or do you prefer one of your other intelligence cover identities? It is common for long-time operatives to prefer the one they used the most,” my wristwatch said to me in a computerized voice.
“I have been a fan of Buster Crabbe, with Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers for a long time, but the name is still Gordon Rogers. Whom am I talking to?” I asked my wristwatch.
Someone ordered up a Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers type of hero and didn’t check on things before “recruiting” a hero from the past to save the future. If you like homage stories with easter eggs of literary and pop culture references, you need to check this book out. Don’t be concerned about space battles, we have them. Worried about honor and betrayal, revenge and payback, this story has that covered. The solutions to bad coffee and poor cooking can be a real blast or is a blast the cure for bad coffee, you decide.

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