Aleem is a special child with autism and fetal alcohol syndrome. What happens when he gets an Artificial Intelligence Pooka named Harvey? Between CPS, court custody, a police swatting, a mother on the run, and a father being tossed into the psychiatric ward, things get interesting. Can Harvey guide Aleem through the urban jungle of government secrets, crooked cops aiding human trafficking, and all the other problems in society while staying a secret? This book is suitable for High School and older maturity.

The backstory on this is I was reading the newspaper and other items online; on the same day, NPR also was discussing the horrific statistics of child prostitution with children removed for ‘neglect’ but Child Protective Services. Then the next news cycle was all about how Artificial Intelligence will kill us all. Next came the child with the question of why there was a Pooka named after a Hurricane that hit Houston. After I explained that the Pooka had the name first, I wrote this, which has nothing to do with the movie of the same name.

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